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Probably not all of the things I've written are really worth reading, and my own vantage point on the things I've written changes over time. Words that seemed incredibly heavy and meaningful seven years ago seem to be worthlessly light and meaningless today.

At this point, many of the writings available here relate to my Peace Corps service in a poor sugar worker settlement (a batey). All works here are copyrighted by Dan Kappus. All rights are reserved. A limited license for noncommercial use and distribution is given. Please cite this webpage as a source; plagiarism is theft.

NameType of WritingDateDescription
Wassup with America?Editorial EssayMay 2002My patriotic commentary about the effects of 9/11 on the national spirit.
RoberticoFictionalized autobiographyJune 2003What a colmado owner told me about getting ahead in the world.
Born UglyFictionalized autobiographyJune 2003Taking an ugly person to get fixed, you may become jealous.
Description of Sugar ProductionNonfictionJune 2003A brief synopsis of how sugar is produced in the Dominican Republic
Licol the Burgeoning BigamistJournal EntrySeptember 2003Everything was fine until she burned the bed.
Odd Jobs In SeattleAutobiographyJune 2004Ways to get by in Seattle: burying the llama and working in Pike Place Market
Transnationalism and Remittances Moot Research ProposalFall 2006A final project for Quantitative Methods, the best coursework I've probably done in my life. Includes bibliography
A Change in The Heart of AmericaThesisMay 2009Qualitative thesis about the causes of immigration and labor specialization in the Midwest
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