Pimp like papito

Note to readers: This is a review of my personal journal from my time as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic more than a decade ago. I have done my best not to edit or censor what I wrote then. Time moves on, I learn things, and I no longer feel the same. Part of the joy of reading old journals is seeing a story arc where I’ve learned new things.

20 September

Papito is the King of the barrio. Papito does not walk. Papito pimps. He swaggers through the hood saying “esssssoooooooooo” to everyone, and checking out the women. He’s a good kid, this Papito.

This afternoon, I went to the store with Papito. One woman teased Papito that he had a twin in me. It’s true– I want to pimp like Papito, no doubt about it.

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