Licol the burgeoning bigamist

Licol is married to two women. Or perhaps he was married to two women.

First there was the woman he moved in with 13 yeas ago, Nuerky. She has a gaggle of kids, but none of them are biologically Licol’s. Licol wanted a family, so he pursued Eliza. Eliza is 19 or so, and has a boy child, Eduard, by a previous relationship. I found Eliza to be attractive and even considered coming on to her myself once upon a time.

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We watch you lonely and loquacious people while you eat!

Note to readers: This is a review of my personal journal from my time as a Peace Corps Volunteer more than a decade ago. I have done my best not to edit or censor what I wrote then. Time moves on, I learn things, and I no longer feel the same. Part of the joy of reading old journals is seeing a story arc where I’ve learned new things.

The first entry is here.  The next entry is Pimp Like Papito. You can see the journal entries as I post them here

19 September 2001
House in Los Angeles, Santo Domingo

I awoke at six, but rolled over. Because of the springy-soft bed, I didn’t sleep remarkably well. I also had to sleep, by order of the Peace Corps officials, under a mosquitero, a netted canopy for keeping mosquitos out. No one else in the house had to do that.
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