We watch you lonely and loquacious people while you eat!

Note to readers: This is a review of my personal journal from my time as a Peace Corps Volunteer more than a decade ago. I have done my best not to edit or censor what I wrote then. Time moves on, I learn things, and I no longer feel the same. Part of the joy of reading old journals is seeing a story arc where I’ve learned new things.

The first entry is here.  The next entry is Pimp Like Papito. You can see the journal entries as I post them here

19 September 2001
House in Los Angeles, Santo Domingo

I awoke at six, but rolled over. Because of the springy-soft bed, I didn’t sleep remarkably well. I also had to sleep, by order of the Peace Corps officials, under a mosquitero, a netted canopy for keeping mosquitos out. No one else in the house had to do that.
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