The author

Hi. I’m Dan Kappus.

I live in Nashville, Tennessee. Pull up a chair. Take off your coat and stay a little longer, why don’t you?

I have expertise on a variety of subjects, including country music, tourism in Nashville, sociology, immigration, federal minimum wage and overtime laws, family and medical leave (FMLA), Soto Zen Buddhism, immigration and new Americans from Latin America, researching Federal regulations, the history of computing, and how to spend entire days doing nothing but arguing on Reddit. I live in North Nashville in a house I own, which I share with houseplants, frequent AirBnB guests, and my creativity. (I swear, creativity makes lots of messes, and takes up a lot of space. Just sayin’.)

As of May 2015, I’m looking for paying work to supplement my blogging habit. Check out my resume.

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